Ten Tips for Managing Multi-author Documents

Multi-author documents are the norm in business and the professions. Most multi-author documents take far too long to complete, not because of the number of people involved, but because too often the team leading the project doesn’t take time to make the process explicit and get buy-in from everyone involved at the start. What multi-author [...]

How I learned to love my Kindle

I’ve always been a print guy. I love the physicality of books as much as the content. I love the heft, the texture of the pages, the creativity that goes into page layout and design, the subtlety of font. So purchasing a Kindle was a big step for me, one driven more by necessity than [...]

Reinventing the workshop

Imagine a workshop where people come together for five days with the stated aim of producing a range of specific documents designed to carry forward a body of work ten years in the making. No PowerPoint sessions. No orchestrated exercises involving small group discussions and reportbacks. No scheduled coffee breaks. The walls remain bare of [...]

Information is beautiful

CPWF Mekong Communications Coordinator Terry Clayton reviews a recent publication and finds it—beautiful. When was the last time you pick ed up a beautiful book? I don’t mean a book with beautiful pictures, there are lots of those. I mean a book so beautifully laid out and illustrated that it seduces eye and mind into [...]

Are you ready for the nexus?

In development circles, everything is suddenly a nexus. Nexus approach. Nexus perspective. The A-B-C Nexus. Welcome to the new buzz word. According to my trusted Oxford, nexus means: 1. connection; a connection or link associating two or more people or things.2. connected group; a group of series of connected people or things.3. center; the center [...]

Hydro Power and Chauvinism a Bad Mix

Apparently all that is required these days to be lauded as a “strategic thinker” is an opinion and a good supply of scary adjectives. I have both and I will employ them on deconstructing the esteemed Professor Brahma Chellaney’s recent newspaper article “Regional ties threatened by China’s dam drive“. I will argue the article is chauvinistic, [...]


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of having my awareness raised. It seems every other paper, report or project proposal I pick up is invoking “awareness raising” as rationale, output, outcome or impact and sometimes all four at the same time. Can awareness raising really be all those things, or is it just [...]

More or Less Connected

The more connected you are, the less you are connecting. I am at a conference. I am so busy rephrasing what the speakers are saying into 144 characters that I am not really listening to what they say. If I’m not Tweeting, I’m checking my email because of course there is a wireless Internet connection. [...]

Schrödinger’s Bus

How the act of searching for a bus to Chiang Mai collapses the waveform and causes a bus to exist. We had two young Swedish women come to visit us at the farm. Josephine was the girlfriend of the son of a good friend of mine, and Linda her travelling companion. They had both been [...]

Let 10,000 Adaptation Projects Bloom

There is ample evidence to convince many that climate change is well underway. Reducing greenhouse gases remains important, but we had best start thinking harder about how we will adapt to the coming changes. Published in Issues magazine: Issues 94: March 2011, Climate Change Adaptation.http://issues.control.com.au/Issues2011/bi94.shtml  Public awareness of adaptation, as opposed to mitigation, is only [...]